Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cover letters

Having been through the interview process several times and written up a resume and cover letter a few times I have understood the major points that have been talked about so far in this class about the cover letter and its importance. It was interesting how it was put about the cover letter being not about you but more about what you are going to offer the business or employer and what they can also do for you. I have never been told that as much as just advertising yourself. I think it is a better idea than what I had been taught because it adds to the resume and gives you even more layers to your abilities and skills. Also it is so true about how it is important to individualise each resume and cover letter for each and every job.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh so thats how you get hired...

After reading a few of the articles about the interview process I have been able to log several things that will definitely help me in my future interviews. Having been on three internships since coming to Clemson I have been through the hiring process several times. The interview was one of my major selling points but at the end of the interview when it is time for me to start asking questions about the job and to interview the future employer. In the article "It's your Turn: What to Ask an Interviewer" gave me some great ideas to continue the interview and learn more about the job and to show the interviewer my interest. In the several interviews that I have been a part of there has been one interview that I felt uncomfortable because the interviewer was not the best communicator and did not interview like you owuld expect. Reading through "Turning the Tables on a Bad Interviewer" it explained that not everyone is a great interviewer just like not everyone aces the interview, but just by asking some questions and trying to fill in the pauses that he or she might create it will make both of you more comfortable and create a better atmosphere.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ten years from now.

I have grown up trying my best to become as respectable as possible. I have looked up to my parents and tried to become what they feel I can be. So far through the first twenty-two years of my life I have accomplished a great deal; from playing golf competitively, to graduating from high school and attending a great school like Clemson.
I have a passion for the game of golf and want to persue a career in the golf business. In ten years from now I will be looking for my own position as a director of instruction at a top 100 country club. At the age of 32 I will have been in the business for nearly 9 years and with this experience I plan to have gained a great deal of instruction and direction toward the teaching of the game of golf. With the mentorship I have learned under I would love to have the opportunity to be named to the Top 100 teachers list. With this honor I will be able to have a lot of say in the where abouts that I would like to take my career. Having this luxary to have choices I will be able to create a life that I will be able to provide a great life for my family. Not only will making over a six figure salary be wonderful but loving what I do makes a life that I can be proud of for me and my family.
Not only do I have goals for my career but also I am still looking to find the love of my life. It is a goal of mine to have a wonderful family that I am close to and provide for. Having a loving wife and kids means the world to me. Not only do I want to make myself a part of other peoples lives by introducing them to the game that has brought me so much but I can not wait to become a part of my own childrens lives.
Looking back on the past twenty years and looking ahead to the next ten to twenty I can not wait to see what is waiting for me in the future. I look forward to all of the challenges that lie ahead.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Web 2.0

This video is an awakening about what technology can do for people in the business world. Explaining in its own way that text can be words but it can also be much more. From the different meanings of words to the different uses of technology to help with things in the business world. For the people that are already in the business world there will be adjustments that need to be made in the way business is done and how people get there work finished. These tranistions could be hard for some. For those people that are just getting in to the system will be able to learn and understand what will be expected from them while they are working.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shawn C

Hello everyone, my name is Shawn. I am a professional student here at Clemson University considering I am starting my fifth year of school. Although it has been very expensive to stay in school as long as I have I love every second of being a Clemson Tiger. As a member of the Professional Golf Management Program here at Clemson I am studying to become a Golf Instructor so I can do my best to get more people involved in the game of golf like my mentors did for me. I have played golf all over the country and worked in many spots too, most notably Bandon Dunes Resort on the Southern coast of Oregon. Considering it is my major golf is a love of mine but I also have a passion for such sports as Football, Baseball, Tennis, and Basketball. You can see me at nearly every sporting event at Clemson from Volley ball to Football. I have held down the same floor seat at Little John Coliseum for Men's basketball for every game since I have been a student at Clemson. I am always open for a chat so feel free to say hello to get to know me even more. Thanks and Go Tigers!!